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Hair transplant with FUE technique

Follicular Unit Excision

1.) The surgeon will draw the recipient area, measure grafts required for hair transplant and shave the donor area. Both area will then be injected with local anesthesia, this is the only painful step.

2.) The doctor will perform graft excision with WAW FUE SYSTEM from Belgium. This device will decrease the trauma that could happen to the hair follicles, and it is as good as ARTAS robotic system. The assistances will, then, use forceps to harvest hair grafts and put them into the holding solution to preserve the quality of the hair grafts while they are outside the patient’s body.

3.) Hair grafts will be screened under the microscope for healthy and intact grafts. Only healthy grafts will be used for implantation. Unhealthy grafts will not be used as new hair will not grow in it and could result in bald patches.

4.) The doctor will implant healthy grafts on the recipient area that has been discussed with the patient. This will be done using Implanter Pen which is another device to help protect hair grafts from getting injured by the procedure. This will significantly increase the rate of survival to patient’s hair grafts.

Hair growth after FUE hair transplant

Let’s see the transformation

After a hair transplant, hair follicles will be in a weak stage and should be taken care of very well. 2 weeks later, scabs will start to fall out and transplanted hair might fall out too. All transplanted hair will fall out before new hair grows. 1-2 months later new hair will start to grow out from the transplanted area. After 6 months, half of the transplanted hair will grow and will fully grow ater a year.

Advantages of FUE hair transplant technique

Fast recovery and no big wound

  • Small wound (0.8-1 mm wide)
  • Fast recovery
  • Minimal Pain
  • minimal scars
  • Natural look
  • No stitches

Before and after photos

*Results may differ in different cases

*Results may differ in different cases

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