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Transplanted hair growing in the wrong direction

Hair transplant is actually a kind of art if you think about it. The whole procedure needs a lot of delicacy and precision.  Choosing a professional and experienced surgeon is very important because they need to know how to make the hair look natural. Otherwise, the outcome could be something that none of us will ever expect. The worst hair transplant mistake that could happen to you is when the doctor transplanted your hair in the wrong hair direction or angle, making it grow out weirdly and, unfortunately, it is the most difficult mistake to fix.

An easy way to spot if the transplanted hair is growing in the wrong direction or not is to compare it to your original/native hair. If it doesn’t grow in the same direction, then things must have gone wrong. You will feel it when you style your hair because it definitely will stick out.


If the mistake has already been done, the way to fix this is to extract or laser out the hair. Another way is to do a transplant in between that hair with the correct direction. It won’t solve the problem, but it will make the hair with incorrect direction looks less obvious. Things to know about the second session on the same area, though, is that the survival rate of the hair graft will be less than the first session due to the fibrotic scars from the previous procedure.

If you don’t want to get another procedure done, there are a few ways that you could get around the hair that grows in the wrong direction. You can try using wax, gel, mascara or hair spray to style your hair. This technique will help force the hair to go in your desired direction temporarily.

Though, it would be best if you could avoid all the fuss by getting the right surgeon from the start and get the transplant done all in one go without having to come back and fix it.

Pukpinya Jangjetriew, MD

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