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Where is the best clinic to get hair transplant?

Since you are getting your hair transplanted, you might as well pick a good and reliable clinic. Here are some tips to select a clinic for hair transplant.

1.) Experienced doctor and staffs really plays a huge role on how good your result is going to be. To achieve great outcomes, it takes a long time to practice and learn in order to perfect each skill. Especially if that clinic only specialized in one field, the doctor and the team will be an expert at it. Furthermore, a good hair transplant surgeon should take time to advise and talk to patients about the solutions to their hair issues.   

2.) Our equipments and devices, including our holding solutions, are one of the best choices out there. Whether it be hybrid punches, microscopes for grafts screening, holding solutions that can preserve the quality of your hair grafts while they are outside your body, or even implanters that are used to implant your hair. All of these equipment are carefully selected to increase the survival rate of your grafts and deliver an outstanding outcome.

3.) Normally, the maximum results can be seen after a year of hair transplant. If the clinic gives you the comparing photo that is only 2 weeks after hair transplant, immediately after the procedure or photos with different angles and setup, they cannot be used to judge the quality of the procedure and/or the result. The best way to compare before/after photos is to be compared with maximum results and the same set up for every photo.

4.) This might not directly affect the result but hair transplant surgery could take the whole day. The clinic must not be uncomfortable, but still has privacy, private washrooms, and waiting area. The location should be easy to travel using public transportations. The patient should be able to go back to their accommodation and rest as soon as possible after the surgery. The convenience could be a big factor for some patients.

5.) Clinic’s service and communication, might seem to be unimportant to some. However, appropriate discussion with the patient is very critical. The patient needs to know everything on how they have to take care of themselves before and after hair transplant operation, follow-ups have to be done regularly for a year. All this will lead to the perfect result of hair transplant.

6.) A result guarantee is also very important. Some people might wonder, if the doctor is doing a great job then why would they need a guarantee? The reason is that the patient’s body/health also influents the quality of the outcome. Even in patients with 90% growth, they might need a little touch up here and there to make their hair look denser. As long as the clinic has a “Result Guarantee”, the patient will not have to spend more money to get their hair touched up. 

As I have mentioned before, the first hair transplant is very important. Selecting a professional and reliable clinic, doctors and staff for good result is crucial. Fast decision making from seeing cheap price or getting a lot of grafts and giveaways is not always the best way to go because, at the end of the day, it is your appearance you are dealing with. If possible, it is always a good idea to make an appointment for a consultation with a specialist. At Hairtran clinic, we offer a free consultation for anyone that concerns about hair loss. You can contact our representative and they will get back to you in no time.

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