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Is DHI technique better than FUE technique?

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) has categorized the hair transplant techniques by the way hair grafts are harvested.

  1. FUT technique – follicular units obtained by strip harvesting from the patient’s donor area and dissect the hair grafts under the microscope.
  2. FUE technique – follicular units obtained individually with small incisions using a punch tool and extracted using forceps. (Using ARTAS robotic system is also considered to be FUE technique)

In fact, DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is a marketing word for using “Implanter Pen” to perform graft placement. As you might notice, it has nothing to do with how to extract the follicular units out. At Hairtran Clinic, our doctor sees that using implanter pens is the best way for graft placement step because it can avoid causing physical trauma to hair follicles, it is also an easy and quick placement technique. Whether it is FUT or FUE, we still use, so-called, DHI technique to perform graft placement.

“According to ISHRS, DHI is not a type of hair transplant because there are only 2 techniques; FUT and FUE. Therefore, you cannot compare FUE to DHI.”

It is true that the density of transplanted hair can be limited by the placement technique, but it will also be decided by the doctor. Normally, the global standard density for transplanted hair will be around 40-50 grafts/, which is the density that we use for our clients. However, the density that our doctor chooses also depend on how big the area we are working with and how much donor we have to work with. The graft placement technique is only a small factor to determine the density of the transplanted hair. If you worry about the size of the wound at the recipient site, please be assured that it will depend on the size of the implanter pen, no matter which hair transplant technique is used.

Pukpinya Jangjetriew, MD

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