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The right clinic isn’t always the cheapest clinic

In the last few years, a hair transplant has become more popular amongst the cosmetics field, making a lot of institutions interested in providing this service to their customers. However, a hair transplant is not just “any surgery or treatment”. Unlike laser treatment or other cosmetic surgeries, mistakes from hair transplant surgeries are difficult to fix.

“Of course, when more clinics start to provide this service, the price becomes more competitive. Customers might question why the prices are so different while they all are hair transplant surgery. Some customers that have done no research might end up with the cheapest clinic assuming that the result will be equivalent. That is wrong!”

Things to know are that the donor hair we use for hair transplant is “patient’s hair” and it is limited, it doesn’t grow back. The hair follicle that gets removed will not grow back in that spot but will grow back on the recipient area. So, if the customers are looking for a hair transplant service, they should pick the right one for their first session instead of thinking that it can be fixed if anything goes wrong. The first hair transplant is very important, it is when your scalp, donor area and recipient area, is untouched. It is the session to determine your look for the rest of your life.

The success of hair transplant surgery is not just taking hair out of one place and put it to another, make sure that it is dense. Instead, it is how to make it look natural. Good results are determined as followed:

  1. The survival rate of transplanted hair should not be less than 90%
  2. The result gives a natural look. The height of the hairline, density, angle, distribution, and direction, all contributes to the natural look. 
  3. The donor area did not become too thin and visible after the surgery. If the recipient area becomes very dense but the donor area becomes visibly thin, it does not count as natural.
  4. The doctor makes a long term treatment plan for you to prevent further hair loss. Most clinics do not give recommendations to their customers and those customers will lose the opportunity to maintain their existing hair.

The survival rate at Hairtran Clinic is higher than 90% because the doctor is responsible for the standard and protocol. The doctor also has to pay attention to the direction and the density of the transplanted hair. Long-term management for hair loss is also essential because the key of hair transplant is to use the least donor to give the most natural look.

In Thailand, some clinics uses technicians to perform whole surgery. The risk of this is poor results, infection, or even death (happened in India). Patients should do a good research before spending money on the hair transplant surgery because no one wants to get hurt more than once if not necessary. Choosing cheaper clinic is not always a good option as it can affect the patient in the long run. Different clinics have different standard, protocol, and pay attention to different things resulting in different quality of the outcome.

Pukpinya Jangjetriew, MD

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