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Optional Hair Care

Platelet-Rich Plasma 


Hair loss, thinning of hair and baldness issues can be found in every gender and every age group. The factor for the cause can be various; genetics, environmental or behavioral. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a safe solution for hair loss as there will be no surgery and don’t need to take any medicine after. Normally human loses 100-200 hair strands daily. If the human body cannot regenerate new hair, the total amount of hair can decrease resulting in thinning and hair loss. PRP is, therefore, a good way out from this abyss.

This technique helps stimulate hair growth and thicken your hair by using your blood to specifically treat your concerning area. First, they will collect your blood and centrifuge to concentrate the platelets then they will only extract out the platelet-rich layer (12-17 times higher concentration of platelets) which is used for PRP to inject back into your scalp. Platelet contains substances that are known to have properties to promote growth and regeneration of cells (Growth factors and cytokines for example). These substances can speed up the healing process of wounds, increase angiogenesis, collagen, as well as recruiting stem cells to hair follicles to stimulate hair growth by activating surrounding cells. The side effects are limited since the injections are created from your blood, your body will not reject or react negatively to the injections.


PRP technique is suitable for patients with thin hair, excessive hair loss, and for patients who are not ready for surgery. The number of times to treat with PRP may differ in each person and will be estimated by the doctor on the day of consultation.

Due to the procedure of PRP, individuals with low platelet count, any other problem with blood cells or taking any contraindicated medicine will not be advised to proceed with this technique. The patients are recommended to consult with the medical doctor beforehand for their own safety. The outcome may be different in each patient due to the difference in the quality of platelet harvested. It can be harder to treat if the patient prolongs the symptom and loses all hair follicles. If the hair follicles have already disappeared, the treatment will not be effective since hair cannot grow without hair follicle.

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