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How long does a transplanted hair last?

This must be a question that lots of people ask when they are considering doing a hair transplant because a good transplant costs a lot, and there will be some recovery period after that.

“The simple answer that you will get is “It stays for a VERY long time” because the surgeon will harvest the hair follicle at the safe donor area (the area that is unlikely to lose hair or get miniaturized hair).”

หัวล้านเยอะ ๆ ควรเลือกทำพื้นที่ไหนก่อนดี

The safe donor area is at the back of your head to the area above your ears. The easy way for you to see the picture is to look at bald people around you. Most people will start losing their hair from the frontal hairline, the crown area, or even both. The last area that they will have their hair left tend to be on the back of their head. The hair on that area lasts a very long time, if not forever. The reason that the hair doesn’t fall like other areas because this region of the scalp has less receptor for DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone, the hormone derived from testosterone that makes the hair follicle shrink and disappears.

If the surgeon uses the hair follicle that is “permanent” for a transplant, the transplanted hair will carry that trait according to their origin. Therefore, the transplanted hair will also be permanent. It is such a good investment if the result comes out as planned because it lasts a very long time. However, even though we claim that the transplanted hair will last, it doesn’t mean that the hair will not fall at all.

“The hair will fall naturally following its hair cycle, but it will also grow back naturally following its hair cycle as well. If the transplanted hair grows well, the area will no longer be bald again.”

One thing to note is that your hair will naturally get thinner in diameter once you age. Aging is an important factor that no one can avoid, though it can be delayed by taking supplements, having a healthy diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Since hair loss is an ongoing process, the native hair will keep on falling from the hormone effect and the hair transplant procedure will not stop hair loss. A hair transplant will only replace what is gone. If you don’t try to stop the hair loss, eventually, there will be a gap between the transplanted hair and the remaining native hair.

Pukpinya Jangjetriew, MD

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