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FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Excision

Hair Transplant Thailand & Hair Transplant Bangkok

A hair transplant is one of the cosmetic surgeries that help bring back your confidence. If you’re interested in a hair transplant in Bangkok, here’s the first place that you can learn more about how it works.


Step 1. The doctor will measure the bald area and start to shave the donor area for hair follicle excision. The patient will be escorted to the operation room and prepared for anaesthetics injection. This is the only painful step.

Step 2. The doctor will start to perform graft excision with WAW FUE SYSTEM punch which can reduce the transection rate significantly. The doctor will then use forceps to bring out the graft and put in the liquid solution for the preservation of hair grafts while they are outside the patient’s body.


Step 3. The doctor will take extracted grafts for screening, so they can use the grafts with good quality for the best survival rate of hair graft. If the doctor uses grafts with bad quality, there is a chance that the hair will not grow back after transplantation.


Step 4. The grafts will then be used to implant back into the bald area, or the area that patient wants, with Implanter Pen which is a tool used to protect hair grafts when putting patient’s hair follicle back to the scalp without getting damaged.


Step 5. The staff will now clean the wounded area and apply the dressing. Also, they will explain how to look after your new hair and wounded area. This is what it looks like right after the surgery. And now, you are ready to go home.

Hair Growth after FUE Hair Transplant Thailand & FUE Hair Transplant Bangkok



After an FUE hair transplant, the patient should look after their hair with care. At 2 weeks after the surgery, the scabs will start to peel off and fall out. Normally, the hair will come out with scabs and the bald area will be bald again. But the difference is that the hair will regrow 3 months after hair transplant. After 6 months, 50% of the transplanted hair will regrow and will grow out 100% at 12 months after surgery.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Thailand & FUE Hair Transplant Bangkok

  • Small scars (0.8 to 1 mm)
  • Short recovery period
  • Not painful
  • Scars are not visible when the hair grows longer
  • Most of the people can go back to work right away

Before/After photos

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