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My journal about Hair Transplant at Hairtran Clinic

My name is Kaew. My job involves meeting a lot of people. My friends have been picking on my hairline since I was in younger, making me lose my confidence. So, I started to look for a solution to make this problem go away, and I found Hairtran Clinic.

I heard people say that I can get successful hair transplantation at Hairtran Clinic. I also went to other clinics for consultations, and I found out that there are 2 kinds of hair transplantation, FUT and FUE. Some clinic suggested that I should get both techniques done because I was bald in front and only have thin hair on top of my head, but big scars will affect my work plus I won’t have enough time to recover.

So I looked for a clinic that can perform FUE technique only because I can recover fast and get back to work on the next day. I didn’t like other clinics because of the price and location that is not so ideal for me, so I decided to get a consultation here. The doctor in this clinic can answer all my questions clearly, and this place looks clean and reliable. Furthermore, the location is very convenient, and it can offer a reasonable price. I decided to book for an appointment and put down a deposit for FUE treatment and PRP treatment.

On the day of the operation, I was a little worried but happy because I was getting the surgery for my new hairline. When I arrived at the clinic, I was suggested to have breakfast before the operation because the surgery can take long. I got my hair washed and shaved. Then, I had a blood test and proceeded to the operation room. I laid on the bed and they started to inject anaesthetics, it was a bit painful because my head wasn’t numb yet, but everything else after that was perfectly fine.

I did PRP treatment during the operation as well. I didn’t feel any pain after the surgery, only a little dizzy and numb. The staff gave me a laser cap to wear (LLLT therapy) for 15 minutes, for extra hair growth stimulation and talked to me about post-operation care, for example, how to sleep and what not to do.

The next day after surgery will be the follow-up and hair wash. I didn’t have any problem. The doctor told me to look after my transplanted hair carefully and try not to let anything touch it. The doctor checked my hair, and none of the grafts fell out. The staff then washed my hair with baby shampoo and blow-dried for me.

The staff said the scabs will fall out within 2 weeks after hair transplant. They also mentioned that the transplanted area will get itchy when the wound dries but I must not touch it. They suggested me to follow the post-operation protocol strictly. Then, the clinic gave me a bandana to wear when I leave my house to protect my hair from pollutions and direct sun exposure.

“I feel better and better everyday”

my scabs started to come off and some hair came off with it. Apparently, it is a normal thing to happen, so I wasn’t too worried. I had another follow-up appointment 2 weeks later, the doctor said that everything looked great. I just had to wait for all scabs to fall off, and my hair to regrow.

After the scabs came off, I can now see my new hairline. I got some pimples around the transplanted area, but it is common. Also, I can now see my hair growing out, I am very happy to see that it is working very well. The final result will be at 1 year after the surgery.

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