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I had hair transplant before but it was unsuccessful, but this time…I am impressed!

I would like to tell you about my experience with Hairtran Clinic. I feel more confident after 1 month of living with my new hairline. First, I am going to mention that my case was hard because I have done a FUT hair transplant elsewhere before, and it was unsuccessful. Only a few hairs grew out, making it looked thin, and that did not meet my expectation.

I found another clinic before Hairtran Clinic, but I chose Hairtran Clinic because my friend did hair transplant here and I wanted to try doing it here as well. So, I made an appointment. The doctor told me that my case will be harder than others because she has to fill in that gap that my hair did not grow.

I got the graft estimate from the doctor and booked for an appointment. I had no worries on the day of operation like I thought I would. Furthermore, the staff looked after me well before and after the surgery. They gave me free bandana and use of PRIME cap, which is an LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) treatment for better recovery of hair. At 1 month after surgery, I can see my new hairline clearly and I am impressed with the doctor’s work. Now, I have more confidence to set my hair because hair is important to men.

The price is very cheap compared to the result I get. I started to work again 2 weeks after surgery. However, I looked after my hair thoroughly because they are still delicate. I can tell you that it is not as scary as you thought it would be and scars are tiny. They also guarantee that the hair will grow within 1 year, if not, they will give you another hair transplant for free.

” Within 6 months, now, I feel more confident, and the result is remarkable. At first, I was worried that my hair will not grow. Now, after only 6 months, it grew like crazy! “

Dr Patty said that I will have a head full of hair after 1 year and it definitely happened. I can confirm that even it is a hard case (touch-up cases), Dr Patty is still the No.1 in her field. At Hairtran Clinic, all critical steps will be done by Dr Pukpinya Jangjetriew. So, if you are looking for a hair transplant clinic and worry about the growth, waste of money or waste of time, I can promise that Dr Patty will make this a one-off thing and you will never have to get a hair transplant again if you follow all her suggestions. The photo attached is 6 months after the surgery, I will update again in 6 months.

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