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The change of my look after 6 months

I am currently working at home due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. So, I now have time to share and update my experience with a hair transplant to you, in case anyone is interested. My problem is just like other males, receding hairline. This made it very hard when I want to put my hair up.

I managed to research the hair transplant techniques (FUE and FUT), its difference, and which one hurts the least. I found out the FUE is not as painful as FUT technique and a doctor at Hairtran clinic is very good at this. So, I went to the clinic for a consultation. The wait was only 10 minutes and I get to talk to Dr Pukpinya (Patty). She was very nice, I didn’t know that a surgeon has to be this pretty. It was a 1-on-1 session and she measured the amount of hair graft needed by herself for better accuracy.

It turns out that I needed around 2400 grafts to fill the empty areas. She also explained the cause of hair loss which was very easy to understand.

Dr Patty was kind enough to add some hair for me towards the back of my head. It was worth it, the price was reasonable. I reserved for the day for a hair transplant. I only had to rest a lot before the surgery day. After the operation, I had to stop exercising for 2 weeks.
It was not painful after the surgery. It has been 6 months and I think the outcome was very impressive. Now, I can style my hair all I want. The full result will be after 12 months, my hair will look fuller and thicker. I can’t wait!

This is the summarize of my experience so far:

  • The pain is minimal after the surgery. I lived normally.
  • The challenging part is the first 2-3 months because the transplanted hair will start to fall and most of the people will get paranoid, even I got a little stressed.
  • After the 4th month, fine hair started to grow out.
  • After the 5th month, transplanted plant hair started to make changes on my face, a good change! The look is natural, not a lot of people can see that they are transplanted hair. This new hair makes my face look a lot younger, as you can see from my photo.

For anyone interested in doing hair transplant, I recommend Hairtran Clinic. You will not be disappointed! The transplanted hair WILL grow 🙂

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