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It is really affordable for a salary man

I knew that I wasn’t confident about something, and had to find out how to get back my confidence. I am only 28 years of age and people said that there’s nothing wrong about my hair. However, when I have a look at my hair in the mirror, I can see that this is what I need to change. I was a little worried about my budget and pain, so I took quite a while to decide. I finally found out that Hairtran Clinic could be my solution to all my problems.

“I found that hair transplant with FUE technique has very high success rate”

Their standards are pretty high, cleanliness, service or even location is very thoughtful. The consultation with the doctor went very well, she was kind, experienced, and caring. Her explanation was easy to understand. She even asked me how I wanted my hair to look like at the end. Her hairline suggestions were very pretty and suit me well. She told me all the procedures and tell me what it will be like after the procedure.

I had to stop smoking for a week, unfortunately. I felt worried but in the morning of the operation, the doctor came to have breakfast with me and explained what will happen in the operation room. I felt more relaxed afterwards and no longer worried about the surgery. The operation went well and didn’t take as long as I thought it would be.

I get to wear an LLLT laser cap for 15 minutes and chat with the doctor. She said that my hair follicles are healthy. She also talked about the expectations and how to look after myself for the next 2 weeks which is considered to be a critical period and has to well taken cared of.

I can see the difference within 3 months. I looked at the mirror to see the improvement every day. My hair grows in the way that the doctor told me and it worked. My hair started to fill up the bald area and all the scabs were gone. I can now style my hair all I want without having to worry about my receding hairline. I gained a lot of confidence, I can now make a great impression to people I meet.

I started to change my lifestyle, and I felt better about myself than before. I didn’t know how I am going to look like with hair yet, but I am sure it will be something great.

After surgery, the team still kept in touch with me and ask about my hair. Other than taking medicine, attending follow-up appointments are also important because the doctor can suggest what to do and what to expect at each time point. This can lower my worries about my hair as they will be fully grown after 1 year. The side effect after the operation includes itchiness and dry skin which only appear for 2 weeks. The overall is 10/10 for this clinic, I am recommending my friends to come to use this service too.

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