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Say goodbye to receding hairline and say hello to youthfulness

I was one of those people who have very thick hair, and I didn’t know when my hairline started to recede. I noticed that my hairline receded when I compared my old photos with the recent ones. My hairline, now, is in V shape where the hair in the middle stays the same but the temple areas started to lose some hair. 

That was when I started to do a little research on solutions to my receding hairline. I started with using sprays, medicine, hair tonic, etc. It got better but not as much of an improvement that I expected. Some part has already gone bald, and I couldn’t wait any further.

At first, I was afraid and tried to keep my options open. I finally decided to choose Hairtran Clinic because one of my friends said that the doctor here is very professional. It took me another 6 months to do more research about hair transplant and the clinic until I am sure this is the right place.

On the surgery day, I felt relaxed and ready for the procedure. They even do feet massage! I loved it. Moreover, the doctor transplanted 100 extra grafts for me, which is promising. She did it so I can get the best and most dense result possible. I was lucky to find Dr Pukpinya Jangjetriew (Patty).

The outcome was life-changing after 6 months, as you can see from the photo. This is how I would like to summarise my experience.

  1. Doctor’s experience has a huge impact on the final result
  2. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would be
  3. Very short recovery time, I could get back to work the day after
  4. A high-quality outcome will depend on the technique, tools, and doctor’s experience/skills
  5. It is inexpensive because the result is permanent
  6. They gave attention to little details (feet massage is the best example)
  7.  I give full marks on cleanliness and their professional service
  8. I brought back my youthfulness with my courage to do something different

Lastly, I would like to thank Dr Patty and Hairtran Clinic for giving me confidence.

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