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Hair Growth with Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

This type of therapy comes in a helmet-shaped device called PRIMETM which is a technology used to look after hair conditions done by emitting low power light. PRIMETM will emit red light to the concerned area stimulating healing process and blood flow resulting in healing of wound, more nutrients to hair follicles, lower inflammation effects at wound site and most importantly this laser can stimulate stem cells in hair follicles to become active again. Hair follicles will become stronger causing hair to grows faster and thicker. This therapy can be used with patients that have just done hair transplant surgery giving better result for hair transplantation.

A research found that LLLT interacts with mitochondria and cell metabolism leading to production of growth factors and cytokines for cell growth and cell repair. From this process, hair will grow faster, thicker and stronger. The result from using PRIMETM can be seen after 6 months of using regularly. The side effects are limited, the patient might only experience warmth while using PRIMETM.

This kind of therapy can be used together with other treatments include taking medicine, PRP treatment or even hair transplant. It is suitable for someone who are not ready for a surgery or not able to take medications. PRIMETM can be used 20 minute per day every second day and you will get thick beautiful looking hair

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