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Overview about shock hair loss

After a hair transplant surgery, every client definitely must want their hair to become longer, denser, and thicker. I don’t think anyone would like to be balder after spending a whole lot of money, yes? Unfortunately, shock hair loss of the original hair could happen in some cases after a transplant. Even though it is temporary, most of the people that get shock hair loss will be quite worried about it because the hair will fall excessively and unevenly. However, you don’t have to be “shocked” about this because there is only 2-5% incidence for it to occur and it is reversible over time. The doctor will inform the client about shock hair loss before they decide to go on with the surgery.

Shock hair loss of the original hair will occur with the natural hair. It could happen in any area of the scalp, but it often occurs around the donor and recipient area. The severity will vary between each person, and it is most likely unpredictable.

The cause of shock hair loss is from the trauma or collateral damage near the pre-existing hair follicle, which can be damaged chemically or physically, during the surgery. We can use this analogy for easier understanding; the hair is in “shock” that there’s a sudden intervention around that area. Since there’s a sudden change in the surrounding environment, the hair could be in a weaker state and fall off.

Shock hair loss will take place in the first 0-4 months after a transplant. Luckily, this symptom will disappear over time, and your hair will grow back to normal a few months after without a need for any treatment. Taking minoxidil will help lower the chance of getting shock hair loss. It would be good if the patient can agree to take the prescribed medicine after a transplant. In a very severe case, we will suggest our client visit the clinic for further treatment to slow down the progression.

Hairtran Clinic has an aftercare service (with no extra charges) for our client, and you won’t have to pay any more than you already have. We will be looking after your hair for a year (or more) until your hair has reached the maximum growth.

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