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Hair transplant is also for ladies

I have an issue that has been haunting me for so long. Like other girls, I’m too afraid to show my forehead because it is too embarrassing to show my big forehead. In other words, I lost confidence because of my M shaped hairline.

I have used hair serum before but it only grows small hair and it doesn’t grow thick and long. I used it for around a year before considering hair transplantation. One day, I was browsing through the internet and found a hair transplant technique called FUE.

I found out that there is a way to transfer my hair follicles without getting any scars. So, I decided to make an appointment for a consultation. She gave me really clear suggestions making me feel more confident and trust in her. I had to do around 2000 grafts. It was a little shocking but I feel more relieved after talking to the doctor, so I decided to book for an appointment for FUE hair transplantation.

On that day of operation, the staff took me for blood test and haircut. The nurse took me to go into the operation room and after the operation is done, a staff got me a laser cap to wear and I’m ready to go home.

I came back for hair wash the day after that. The staff taught me to wash my hair and I also get to wear a laser cap again on this day before I get home. I made an appointment to come back here again in 14 days.

“I must say that I have made the right choice getting my hair transplant done here, the service is super good, they paid a lot of attention to details before and after the operation. Every step of the operation is clean and safe.”

I recovered very fast and have no problems living my normal life. I can go to work normally and I feel well. After day 14, I started to get scabs which is a little itchy, but I can already see that it definitely will be one pretty hairline. My hair at the back grows back out pretty fast and I can’t see any scars. No one will know that I just got hair transplant surgery.

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